Edgbaston Priory Club Strategic Plan​

Edgbaston Priory Club Strategic Plan​

Edgbaston Priory contacted us to produce a video showcasing their growth vision and strategy through 2030, while also capturing the sentiments and values of their members regarding the club’s significance.

The Brief

Edgbastion contacted us to create a comprehensive video presenting their vision and growth strategy for Edgbaston Priory until 2030, while also capturing the club’s significance to its members. In the planning phase, we structured the content, identified shots, and prepared interview questions. Our production team filmed at the club, interviewing key stakeholders. Post-production involved seamlessly integrating graphics from existing assets for a polished final edit.

The Result

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We aimed to create a final production that would not only meet but exceed expectations, delivering the club an exceptionally engaging piece of video content. This content would serve as a powerful tool, allowing them to effectively communicate their growth plans to their existing members, prospective members, and potential investors.

Our goal was to ensure that this production not only met their immediate needs but also positioned them for long-term success.

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