Crowdfunding Video For Investment Campaign

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Our involvement in the new startup business, Toppa has led us to creating a crowdfunding video for the current campaign to raise investment.  Working with the crowdfunding platform, Seedrs, we have produced a crowdfunding video that explains what Toppa is and what the plans are for the company.

Produced as part of the campaign requirements, the crowdfunding video is used to inform potential investors about what they could be investing in and serves as an ‘advert’ for the business or campaign as well as an information source.  The Birmingham based video production shows Toppa founder John Loveday along with some of the other partners of the business as well as the offices at Brindley Place in Birmingham.

The crowdfunding campaign is now live and we are looking to raise £150,000 – a target we are more than half way to achieving and a promotional video like this is vital to the campaign as it helps to provide as much information as possible to potential investors.


The Seedrs campaign with all the details and how to invest can be found here and its open to anyone who want to get involved with as little as £10 required to invest.  As with anything like this there is always an element of capital at risk and we advise investors to be aware of what they are actually investing in.

What Is Toppa?

Toppa is a learning app designed to connect ambitious business learners and employees with the knowledge and expertise of proven entrepreneurs from around the world.

At a cost of £9.99 a month Toppa delivers high-quality courses that aims to improve performance, offering true experience via hundreds of video tutorials and document templates. In addition to this Toppa offers subscribers perks and discounts with nationwide companies such as retailers, leisure centres and even a virtual doctor.

Who's Involved?

Toppa is made up of a collection of mainly Birmingham based companies and partners including Spearhead elearning, design agency Lightbox, branding agency Notepad and of course us as the video production company based in Birmingham too. There are other investors already on board too including Tim Andrews of Hollywood Monster and leisure club tycoon, David Lloyd.

As it stands with less than two months to go, Toppa is 64% funded with investment coming from around the world and its showing no sign of letting up.  To find out more and even to invest in Toppa, visit the Seedrs crowdfunding campaign website.


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