Crowdfunding Video For Electric Car Project

Crowdfunding Video For Electric Car Project

Our production team has been involved in an exciting crowdfunding video for a project based near Lichfield.  Working with car restoration company RBW Classics, we created a crowdfunding video to help the company raise funds for an amazing electric car project which involves working with classic cars.

Shot 1 300x157 1The basic premise of the project is the creation of electric cars in the form of a classic car based on the MG BGT and MG Roadster models.  RBW Classics’ idea is to prolong the life of the classic car by bringing it in to the 21st century and to embrace the industry trend for electric cars as opposed to petrol powered motors.  RBW are backed by giants of the motor industry and a market leader in the electric car market, local company Zytek Automotive – a subsidiary of German manufacturing company Continental.

Our crowdfunding video is the basis of the information for the project appearing on Crowdcube – a platform for raising finance.  The video shows RBW Classics’ owner Peter Swain explaining what the concept of the project is and an overview for potential investors.  Our production team sat down with Peter to plan out what would be featured in the video and looked at the various locations required which ranged from the RBW Classics workshop and the headquarters of ZyTek Automotive.  The actual crowdfunding video is a requirement of Crowdcube to help provide all of the information required to potential investors.  The full crowdfunding proposal on Crowdcube can be found here including the video that we made with Peter can be seen here on the Crowdcube website while a behind the scenes video that we produced of the filming day can be seen below.

If you’ve got a project that requires a crowdfunding video or would like us to produce a video that helps potential financial investors for your project get in touch with us here to find out more.

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