Conference Filming Service With A Superfast Editing Service

Conference Filming Service With A Superfast Editing Service

Our production crew have been on a conference filming project in Telford but with an additional service and requirements from the client.  The annual conference for housing provider, WHG, was filmed in it’s entirety as part of our conference filming service but the requirements of WHG meant that they were looking for a special addition to our service.

The first part of the conference saw our team filming all the activity and speeches but the special request saw us asked to edit a short video from the morning’s footage to be shown in the afternoon.  This involved our creative director, Mitch Remes, taking a full editing suite along to the conference ready for the on-the-spot edit job.  Our camera operators undertook the conference filming just like any other similar project until the lunch break came along. 

 At that point while the delegates enjoyed their food, our editors got on with the task of turning round a video to be shown in the afternoon session.  Within a short time, the video was completed along with captions and graphics and then played for the delegates after lunch.

While it’s not normally a service that is required for a conference filming project, our production team were more than happy to oblige to give the client what they needed.  Despite the task being completed with minutes to spare, it wasn’t without pressure and it did leave some hairy moments for our editor but nevertheless the video was completed in time and the client was able to deliver the afternoon session that they wanted complete with the video from the morning.

It wasn’t all just about pressure and super fast editing though as our production team also managed to take the time to have a picture taken with the DeLorean car from the Back To The Future films which was making an appearance at the conference.

It’s highly unusual to turn around a video within a few hours especially on the site of a conference or event but our conference filming service always has one aim – to give our client what they need.  If any business is looking to have their conference filmed or requires event filming in any capacity then contact our team now to find out how we can help

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