Coca Cola Truck Christmas Tour​

Coca Cola Truck Christmas Tour​

Coventry BID enlisted our services to capture the excitement surrounding the arrival of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour in Coventry and to highlight the BID’s role in bringing this iconic event to the city.

The Brief

The objective was to document the buzz and public engagement when the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour made its stop in Coventry. The video’s purpose extended beyond showcasing the truck; it aimed to underscore Coventry BID’s efforts in attracting visitors to the city.

The Result

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Our team filmed in and around the Coca-Cola truck to convey the electric atmosphere it generated in Coventry city center. We then crafted a concise social media video, which Coventry BID utilized across their digital channels. The video not only engaged audiences but also played a role in Coventry BID’s proposal for re-election, effectively demonstrating their commitment to bringing exciting events to the city and promoting local engagement.

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