CMA Video Creates Sea Life & Finding Dory Advert

CMA Video Creates Sea Life & Finding Dory Advert

We’ve extended our Sea Life portfolio with the latest cinema and TV ad campaign which incorporates the new Disney Pixar film, Finding Dory.  The nationwide campaign is playing out at all UK cinemas before Finding Dory and other family films as well as being broadcast on the Disney Channel and Sky 1.

The process for this latest broadcast campaign took on a slightly different format compared to previous TV and cinema adverts for Sea Life and the Merlin Group as the actors, voiceover script, storyboard and music all had to be approved by Disney before production could even start.  

As we began the creative element and produced storyboards for the 30 second advert, our team were mindful of the strict guidelines that both Sea Life and Disney put in place to protect both brands as well as the Finding Dory element too.

corporate video post production

Once production began, we set about filming the scenes at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham featuring the ocean tunnel (pictured), pop up tunnels and key creatures that can also be seen in the Finding Dory movie including a clown fish, an octopus and sharks.


The post production element was split into four elements – firstly editing with the footage we had filmed, secondly creating a 3D model of a blue tang fish which is seen floating next to the girl in the advert, thirdly recording the voiceover and overlaying it on the advert and finally, working with Disney to incorporate the Finding Dory footage.


Our Production Manager, Jack Buck, created the 3D blue tang fish and animated the swimming movements and inserted it into the advert while working to incorporate the Finding Dory footage into the ad as well.  One of the key elements was the transition to the Finding Dory trailer within the advert and once Disney approved our bubbles effect transition the advert was well on the way to completion. In the meantime the music and voiceover were added to complete the production.

Finally as part of our complete broadcast service we submit and secure approvals from all of the advertising clearance agencies and certification bodies to ensure that the advert is cleared for broadcast on TV and in cinemas.

The finished advert can be seen above and will be shown in cinemas across the UK from 29 July and will also be broadcast on The Disney Channel from the same date.  The campaign on Sky 1 across the Sky network starts a week later, all to coincide with the release of Finding Dory in cinemas during the summer holidays.

While this production was created for TV and cinema campaigns, creating a video yourself can be the perfect way to get started on video production for your business and create content to use across websites, social media and more.  We have a fantastic article from Ferry Vermeulen giving 21 Top Tips To Create Better Video that is a must read if you’re looking to create your own video content.

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