Client Testimonial Video With Some Nice Cars!

Client Testimonial Video With Some Nice Cars

A client testimonial video is always an effective method of not only showing off a happy customer but also it’s great for conveying key messages about your business.  If you add in some seriously nice cars then it can really add nicely to the mix!  This sums up our latest project working with Kimbley IT who commissioned us to make a client testimonial video for their Cannock based customer, Shorade Accident and Repair Centre.

We had previously worked with the guys at Kimbley IT on a video for our other business project, Toppa and it was great for us to see that they liked working with us enough to ask us to produce their client testimonial project too.  We spent the day filming at the Shorade garage and interviewed the chief executive and other staff members who had been served by Kimbley’s IT services. 

 The soundbites reflected on specific questions and issues that Kimbley had resolved and allowed them to communicate some of the key problems that they find when talking to customers and potential customers.  From the visual point of view our production had a great time filming everything from Lamborghinis to Porsches and Ferraris to McLarens.

The video is for use on the Kmbley IT website and is also being used on their social media as a drive for new business and is one of several client testimonial video productions that we are creating with other clients from other industries with them.

This video production in the West Midlands follows on from a testimonial video that we produced for ourselves recently and we are happy to advise on style and content for a client testimonial video like we have done with many other clients.  To view some of our other testimonials, click here or to contact us with an enquiry, click here.

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