City Living Promotional Video​

City Living Promotional Video​

We were enlisted by Court Collaboration to create a captivating promotional video for their new apartment developments in Birmingham city center, highlighting the lifestyle and benefits of city living.

The Brief

The objective was to not only showcase the apartment developments but also to emphasise the dream of city living and the unique lifestyle it offers to potential buyers. The focus was on selling the experience rather than just the product, with a target audience of younger individuals aspiring to enter the property market.

The Result

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Filmed on location in Birmingham’s apartment buildings and the Custard Factory, the video featured local actors and was meticulously edited to resonate with the younger demographic. The final product successfully conveyed the allure of city living. It was strategically distributed on Instagram as both an organic post and a paid advertisement, achieving impressive reach and engagement metrics. Most significantly, the video led to a notable increase in apartment inquiries, highlighting its effectiveness in driving sales for Court Collaboration.

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