Choosing An Event Video Service – Part 1


Its normally a showpiece occasion, where the great and the good from your company or industry come together and talk/meet/learn or just have a party.  Yes its the company conference or annual event or annual awards and there’s usually a hell of a lot of work thats gone into organising it.

So with this in mind you’re clearly going to want to capture it in all it’s glory.  This is where the conference videographer comes in to create an event video that encapsulates the whole successful event.  But any conference video service will still need some preparation on your behalf because any event videographer worth their salt will have a few questions before they turn up with their all singing and dancing conference filming service.

Here we take a look at some things to expect from an event videographer and how to prepare the right information that a conference filming video company will need. Its not going to cover every eventuality in the world of event filming but we have over 15 years of experience providing an event video service both in the UK and abroad and we pretty much get asked the same questions each time, so almost in an FAQ style here are some of the most popular questions.

We’ve broken it up into two sections so after you’ve read this, look out for section two of our event video service guide.

I know I need my event filming but what do I do with the video?

It’s usually one of the first things to be cut when budgets are tight and yet it’s probably one of your strongest marketing tools. After spending huge sums entertaining a room of people, why not show the world what you’ve achieved? Think about how it can project your company, event or key stakeholders. We can make even the smallest event look like it was the place to be and get those who missed it wishing they were there!

You also may not want to think about it but there’s next year’s event to bear in mind too. Get some key footage, soundbites and action from this event to promote for next year. If its planned right you’ve got video marketing content and a strategy for next year literally falling into your lap.

What needs to be filmed?

It depends on what you are looking to achieve. A good conference videographer can film everything if you want to share it with people who weren’t there i.e. keynote speeches or presentations that need to be shown in full. If you’re looking for a three minute overview of the event or a highlights video then every minute of the event doesn’t need to be captured. Be sure to know what you have in mind for the end product and then brief the camera crew accordingly.

Its entirely up to you but if you tell us that you don’t want all the speeches, all the presentations and all the action filmed then it won’t necessarily get filmed – it will be what the camera crew think are the best bits.

BUT……. If you decide at a later date that you actually wanted the CEO’s speech or the breakout session or that bit where Bob from accounts fell over on the stage there is a chance that it won’t have been captured.

Can I have two videos? One to show the whole event and a short promo that gives an overview?

Absolutely. We have a client that stages international conferences on a bi-annual basis, they aren’t cheap to put on and they can’t get all their staff or key clients to the event.

We film every key speech, every breakout event and catch a general flavour of what is going on from the food to the entertainment. They provide every key speech online afterwards; this is a staggered release starting with private links to staff, then key customers and then eventually the public.

After the event, we produce a three minute promotional video as well so our client can shout about it; these are also sent to potential attendees the following year. It serves as a sales video firstly to attract delegates to next year’s event and secondly to attract sponsors. Of all of the events we work on, this is probably the most comprehensive example of our event video service.

So you can capture everything?

Yes, but a conference videographer can’t be in two places at once. If you do want everything filmed from the speeches to soundbites, from delegates and the audience to breakout sessions then more camera operators will be needed and sound engineers so this will have an impact on the conference filming cost.

We’ll feature some more of the questions that we get asked in part two but in the meantime, a comprehensive event video service shouldn’t just be about filming on the day itself. Here are some other things to think about before a canape has been served or a camera switched on.

Working Together

Any conference filming service should include working with you at the planning stage of your event to make sure everything goes the way it should be. If there is a separate AV company involved the conference videographer should connect with them as well as the venue itself so everyone is working together. The guys at Lemoncake Events are great at organising events and can co-ordinate everything you need, meaning that you have the time to focus on what you really need to. They are a perfect example of a company that brings everyone together and works with all the parties to get the job done.

Distribution Channels?

Think about where you are going to show the video. Is it on your website or on social media or maybe its for internal use only. Wherever you plan to show it, you will probably need different versions for different platforms so bear that in mind when you provide a brief.

Who is your target audience?

This can dictate the style of the video, where you show the video and what content you want to feature. It might even dictate the type of devices that they are watching the video on – mobile, tablet or desktop. Make sure the content that you show appeals to your audience and hits the key points that they need to know. Sometimes it not about how great you or the event is but why they need to be there/what’s in it for them/what have they missed.

CMA Video Event Video Service

If you have a question that isn’t listed here (don’t forget, there is a part two coming) or you want to add to something then we’d love to hear from you. Our event video service encompasses just about any conference or event thats out there (although we don’t do weddings!) just ask on 0121 551 2079 or

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