Your Career in Chemical Engineering

Client: IChemE

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IChemE approached us to produce an international video project titled “Your Career in Chemical Engineering,” aimed at giving graduates insights into the diverse career paths available in the field. Due to the tail end of the COVID pandemic, we conducted interviews over Zoom with professionals from around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. These interviews provided a global perspective on the opportunities and experiences within chemical engineering.

We meticulously recorded and compiled these interviews to create an engaging overview video that highlights the varied career trajectories and professional insights from different regions. This video serves as a valuable resource for graduates, offering a comprehensive look at the possibilities within chemical engineering. By leveraging remote filming technology, we were able to capture authentic stories and advice from international professionals, ensuring the final product was both informative and inspiring. The project underscores our ability to adapt and deliver high-quality content despite challenging circumstances.

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