Business Networking As A Marketing Channel


Having worked in the corporate world for most of my working life, I had never heard of business networking or what it involved. However soon after working with CMA Video and mixing with other SME business owners I was introduced to the concept. However, not only was I introduced to networking but also the many different types of groups and styles that are out there.

I soon made a few mistakes and learnt from them but above all I found that it is an excellent way of face to face marketing and promotion of almost any business. Here at CMA Video we always talk about the value of using a video production to humanise a business and engage with the viewer by showing the business owner and put a face to a business name. Networking does all of that with the added bonus of it being in person. The old adage of people buying off people is really reinforced in a networking environment and any networker can really break down any barriers that their business may face by simply talking to customers and potential customers in a networking environment.

So useful has been the whole networking strategy for CMA Video that it prompted me to get involved in organising networking groups myself. I was asked to work with the team at Business Biscotti Solihull which takes place at Hampton Manor hotel on the third Wednesday of the month and is an excellent friendly, relaxed networking event. I am also the chairman of the organising committee for the Central Fusion Business Network which involves six networking groups organising a central event which has been attended by more than 300 delegates at past events at the National Motorcycle Museum. The six groups are Business Biscotti Solihull, The Best of Solihull, Solihull Hour, Solihull Chamber of Commerce, Solihull for Success and Solihull Today.

Each group has a different remit and style whether it’s the twitter based networking of Solihull Hour or the membership marketing group, The Best of Solihull the Central Fusion Business Network offers the opportunity for business owners to come together, network and find out more about the different types of networking that is out there.

To find out more about the event, watch the video from our sister company Solihull Today here.

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The Central Fusion Business Network takes place Monday 28th September at the National Motorcycle Museum again from 5.30pm. Its free to attend and there’s already more than 200 delegates registered. You can book your place here and not only will it provide great networking opportunities it will also help businesses to find out about some of the networking groups that are out there at the moment.


We, here at CMA Video have sourced a lot of business from networking and more importantly have built some excellent working relationships with a broad range of companies which has really helped move our business on. Its not always about selling video production in Birmingham but just getting the name out there and building relationships and awareness. Whatever your objectives from networking its not a marketing channel that should be dismissed.

For more information about the Central Fusion Business Network, Business Biscotti Solihull or any of the other groups detailed here then contact us at

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