BullRing Social Media Video Ads


Bart BD Dalton, founder of the BullRing – Birmingham’s answer to Dragon’s Den, contacted us to create his social media video ads for the next round of activity for businesses in the city.  The concept follows a similar style to the popular BBC TV show where business hopefuls pitch their business to a panel of entrepreneurs and business people.

Our production team were engaged by Bart to create a series of social media video ads aimed at two different target audiences.  Firstly, business owners that would like to pitch to the panel and secondly, entrepreneurs who would like to be on the panel.  The first discussions with Bart enabled us to map out what his aims and objectives were and from there we could look at the style of the video ads.  Additional information such as the particular social media platforms that were to be used as well as key messages and the call to action were also decided and allowed us to devise how the ads would look.

The content was a mix of existing video footage, images and some filming that we undertook at Bart’s office.  The filming involved getting an introductory soundbite from Bart himself to open up the ads and then a testimonial from a successful pitcher who had been through the process.  The most important element of the ads was to ensure that they were short and snappy enough to create engagement and interest but were still able to get all of the information across. 

This led us to advise Bart on creating two separate ads aimed at the two different target audiences rather than the original plan of one advert that conveyed all of the messaging.  The feeling was that the messaging could get confused and lost so splitting into two distinct campaigns could ensure that there could be two successful, targeted social media video ads.

The social media video ads represent a different style of video that a standard corporate video production may look like.  We often advise our clients to work towards the audience and the platform so the a social media ad could look different according what platform from LinkedIn to Facebook and again this may be very different to a video that is featured on a company website.

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