Kelly Homles’ People of Parkrun

Client: Brooks Running

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In collaboration with Brooks Running UK, we have produced a series of engaging videos for social media platforms, including the “The People of parkrun” videos. These videos focus on insightful interviews with individuals actively engaged in parkrun activities across the United Kingdom. Our objective was to capture the diverse perspectives and personal stories of those who contribute to the parkrun community, shedding light on the impact this initiative has had on people’s lives.

During this series, we had the privilege of interviewing Kelly Holmes, a gold medal-winning Olympian. Delving into her experiences and perspectives, we sought to understand the significance parkrun held in her life. The interview not only provided a unique insight into Kelly Holmes’ connection with parkrun but also added a compelling narrative to the broader exploration of the positive influence this community-driven initiative has had on individuals across the UK. By featuring a mix of everyday participants and notable personalities like Kelly Holmes, the videos effectively highlighted the inclusivity and motivational spirit of parkrun, inspiring a wide audience to appreciate and engage with this empowering community. The series has been well-received on social media, further establishing Brooks Running UK as a brand committed to celebrating and supporting the running community.

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