Brooks, Run Happy Tour - 2024

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The video’s key focus was on parkrunners eagerly trying on the new Ghost Max and Glycerin 21 shoes, the two trial models available at the event. We captured close-up shots to showcase the intricate details and vibrant colourways of the Glycerin 21, allowing viewers to appreciate the craftsmanship and style of the latest Brooks offerings.

Throughout the video, we prominently featured the Brooks branding and stand, ensuring that the brand’s identity and presence were strongly felt. This reinforced the brand’s commitment to supporting the parkrun community and providing an exceptional experience for participants.

The video culminated with shots of parkrunners taking part in the actual parkrun, showcasing the opportunity for runners to test the new Brooks shoes during their 5k run. This dynamic footage, combined with the enthusiastic engagement of the participants, was designed to inspire and excite the broader running community to join the Brooks Run Happy Tour.

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