bmet sport promotional video

Client: Birmingham Metropolitan College

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We were commissioned by Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMET) to create an inspirational promotional video for their sports department, showcasing their sports teams and nominees for various awards. The aim was to produce a dynamic video for their annual sports awards, highlighting the dedication of the athletes and instilling a sense of pride and motivation within the college community. 

Our production team spent a week filming training and match sessions across BMET’s campuses. With creative freedom, we employed slow-motion techniques to capture iconic moments, creating an inspiring narrative. The carefully selected music, featuring “Run Boy Run,” amplified the video’s impact and emotional resonance.

The resulting video premiered as the opening introduction at the BMET Sports Awards, receiving a standing ovation. It has since been used at college open days and as a marketing tool for the college’s sports teams, showcasing the spirit and achievements of BMET’s athletes even after some of the featured students have graduated.

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