Animation Video For Student Bills Service

Animation Video For Student Bills Service

CMA Video has worked with start up company, Redbrick Bills to produce an animation video that explains their service to their target market.  Aimed at the student market, the service helps students to divide and allocate the payments for their household bills without having to look at each of the services individually such as gas, electric, broadband etc.

Focusing initially on the Birmingham student market which has over 65,000 students at the city’s five universities, the service is a simple to use scheme which allows for better financial management for housemates in private student accommodation.  Our animation video is being used to promote the service on the Redbrick Bills website to the target audience as well as being used across all of the digital channels that Redbrick engage in.  In addition to the video above, a modified Instagram animation video has also been produced by our editing team to target the users of that channel as well as on the Redbrick Bills website, Facebook and YouTube amongst others.

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With the target audience being so specific, using video seems to be a key tool to use.  As a demographic, students are high consumers of video, particularly mobile video so using an animation video in this way is an ideal method of getting the key message across.  After looking at industry competitors it was felt that an animation video was an effective way of getting the marketing messages out there as it can help to visualise some of the key points in a more cost effective way than trying to film everything and it also makes for a more engaging presentation if its presented in an animation style.

This work with Redbrick Bills extends our university and education portfolio further after working recently with the University of Birmingham, the University of Warwick, BMET, Solihull College and others.

To find out more about our animation video offering and to view some of our work click here or contact us on 0121 551 2079 or

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