Amazon Recycling Video​

Amazon Recycling Video

We collaborated with Amazon to create a comprehensive recycling video, employing animation, graphics, voice-over, and translations to convey important information to their global customer base.

The Brief

Amazon required an informative video for their website to educate their customers about the recycling of old electrical items. Crucially, the animation style had to meet the approval of Amazon’s top executives before production could commence.

The Result

Amazon WEEE Recycling 200910
Play Video about Amazon WEEE Recycling 200910

Once the storyboard and animation style were greenlit, the animated video was meticulously crafted to effectively communicate Amazon’s recycling message. It was essential for the video to be accessible to a global audience, so we undertook the task of translating and recording the script in multiple languages. The video was prominently featured on the Amazon website, with a link accompanying all purchases of electrical items, effectively integrating it into the customer experience. Additionally, it played a significant role in Amazon’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, notably increasing customer awareness regarding electrical recycling practices.

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