Our production team has worked on a studio filming project to create a series of video content for a video marketing campaign.  Working with the client from the inception phase all the way through to delivery, the project allowed us to have a hand in the direction of the campaign and influence an effective video marketing strategy.

The initial discussions were based around the best way to communicate to the client’s existing customers, providing useful information but also reducing the number of phone calls and direct queries that were coming into the business on a daily basis.  The main issue was that the client’s MD was answering calls and questions on day to day enquiries, taking up his time and giving the customers too much direct access.  We began by looking at the types of questions that were being asked and soon found that there was a common theme and many of the questions were very similar.  With this in mind we looked at creating a series of video answers to frequently asked questions (FAQS).  Once the questions had been identified we set about looking at how the videos would be produced.

Rather than filming at the clients’ offices we suggested that studio filming would be a better option allowing us to create a more suitable set with minimal disruption to the office environment.  Our team created a set which was built prior to the studio filming and was made to look like a homestyle set while retaining a professional look.

The actual studio filming itself was a relatively simple set up so that it wouldn’t detract from the content of the video with the client using several members of staff to talk about their own specific areas.  Overall eight separate videos were filmed to address the most important areas but the long term plan is for more studio filming and to roll out videos on a regular basis to satisfy the demands of the client’s customers.  The client is looking to work with us on one of retainer packages that allows for consistent creation of video content on a monthly basis.

For more information on our studio filming offering including set design and build, contact us for details.