CMA Video play buttonWe are delighted to announce a brand new look for CMA Video as we enter a new decade. With 2020 just a few days old, we have updated our existing logo and included a new element, the Play Button. After four years with the previous logo, we decided that a new year and a new decade was the right time to freshen up the CMA Video brand.

The new branding retains the existing colours but slightly updates them to give a fresh new look. The introduction of the Play Button also gives a nod to our ‘Everything Video’ description which emphasises the service that we provide. As many of our clients are aware, we are not just a video production company because we provide video marketing, video seeding, YouTube advertising, social media video content, animated video production, filming and editing services.

The CMA Video brand has evolved over the years with a variety of different branding styles and logos and the latest iteration has been well received by test groups and the audiences that have seen it so far.

CMA Video director and head of marketing, Adam Snelleksz said of the new branding:

“We are really pleased with our new look and we think it’s the perfect time to introduce a new brand. Not only is it a new year but we have a lot of exciting new developments coming to CMA Video. As a leading provider of video production in Birmingham we will continue to create marketing videos for business but we are now emphasising our additional business video services as well. Social media video for business is becoming an increasingly important part of digital marketing for any business and our specialist service creating videos for social media use has already proved to be popular for our clients, most recently, Acorns and their Santa Run in December. Linked in to this is video seeding on social media and again it’s a service that we recognise as an important tool for businesses who are using video in their marketing campaigns.

As far as the new look is concerned, we have tried to evolve the logo design rather than completely revamp it as we have done in the past. The examples of previous CMA Video logos have shown a complete change in style and often colours whereas this is a refresh of the brand rather than a change. We hope that his will continue to develop the ever growing CMA Video brand.”

The new branding will be the start of many new changes coming to CMA Video in the coming months as we continue to push forward the evolution of the company. In addition to recent, high profile projects such as working with Costa and the recent Violence Reduction Unit with West Midlands Police, the company will be working in more international markets and on more high profile projects.

The logo has changed significantly over the years including drastic colour changes as well as the look of the logo but as can be seen here, the colours have been maintained from our previous logo and which reflect the original colours of the business back when we were known as Collective Media Agency.

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