conference filmingThe British Society of Echocardiography commissioned us to film their annual conference at the ICC in Birmingham in October.  Our conference filming team were tasked with two elements of the event – firstly filming the talks and presentations from the keynote speakers in the theatre area and secondly in and around the actual conference filming the delegates and capturing soundbites.

We met with the organisers to get an idea of the overall requirements of the videos and then put a filming plan together to capture all of the relevant footage.  The final video requirements involved producing videos of all of the speeches and an overview video showing the highlights of the conference.  Our conference filming included in the launch of the British Society of Echocardiography’s new logo which they unveiled at the conference.

Our conference filming expertise enabled us to work on the two areas simultaneously and helped the organisers to concentrate on the running of the conference while we focused on the filming.  Other similar conference filming projects have included another medical conference, a housing organisation conference and this opening video to the Gamma annual conference.