gymshark videoWe’re working with Enploy on filming a series of training sessions at fitness brand, Gymshark, to create employee training videos for the Solihull based company.  Enploy deliver employee and stakeholder engagement training looking at entrepreneurial growth and mindset and are providing the service over the next few months with Gymshark and we will be on hand to film each monthly session.  Each Gymshark video will be used as a reference point for future trainers to deliver the training at other Gymshark offices around the world.  The creation of a video library of the training sessions means that all of the subjects can be accessed online at any time anywhere across the world where there is a Gymshark office, allowing for a uniform delivery of Enploy’s sessions.  Gymshark as a business have bases across the world, 131 countries in total, and specialise in fitness apparel and accessories.  Founded in 2012, the brand has come to be synonymous with cool products, fashion and trailblazing social media.

Our production team captured all of the session and will be inserting the powerpoint presentation into the final edit to provide a holistic view of the training session.  The style of filming follows on from other similar training video filming projects that serve as employee engagement videos.  If you have a project similar to this Enploy and Gymshark video then contact us for details of how we can help.