[vc_video ratio=”16-9″ link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZPFxJqpsZs”]

Who doesn’t like a timelapse video?  This is a timelapse video project we undertook for Bovis Homes for the building and completion of a four bedroom home in Welland, Worcestershire.  The multi-angle production shows both sides of the house being built and allows to cut between the two angles during the timelapse video.  The final scenes were also filmed by the CMA Video crew and depict the finished showhome giving a complete ‘start to finish’ feel to the timelapse video.

timelapse video timelapse video timelapse video timelapse video

While some of the problems our production team encountered were rain and the elements affecting the view of the lens at times, the general outcome shows what it takes to build a fantastic Bovis Homes house – in this case ‘The Malvern’.