We often get asked what are the best ways to use a video for business which tends to result in listing all of the different types of video which we do or are out there.  Some of these are obvious – think corporate video, event filming etc. but some are so simple or straight forward that they may get overlooked.  Sometimes the most simple video for business purposes might be the one thats staring you right in the face but there is a tendency to look at something over creative, quirky or just too complicated.

We’ve listed here some examples of the types of video you can make that can help promote who you are, what you or communicate key messages.

1. Introduce Yourself

If your business relies on you then you are it’s greatest asset so a video to show who you are and bring some of your personality to the forefront can work wonders.  This is particularly key for business coaches, training providers, one-to-one services and the like.  It gives the viewer a pre-introduction to you and allows you to sell yourself and what they can expect when they meet you.

Of course you must make sure that you come across well on camera as it could have a detrimental effect too!

Richard Branson

2. Explain What You Do

If you haven’t got a ‘Ronseal‘ business i.e. it does exactly what it says on the tin like a plumber or a fitness instructor then a video is the ideal method to explain what you do.  It saves you having to explain all the time if you can simply email the video out to prospects or if its a complicated concept then something like an animation video can get the message across in a much simpler fashion with diagrams and voiceovers.  Its set up nicely then to sit on your website, social media channels, presentations or even as an introduction tool for your sales team on the road.

3. Customer Testimonials

A video for your business doesn’t necessarily have to feature you in it.  Word of mouth and recommendations are probably the most powerful marketing tool there are but its hard to have any control over it.  This can help to harness that and show to the world your satisfied customers.  The video also lends an element of validity to a testimonial rather than a written statement.

[vc_video ratio=”16-9″ link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_rjXBDYvFU”]

4. Share Your Story

If you have an interesting story about why you set up your business, how it came into being or just want to communicate your ‘why’ then a video is perfect to get that across.  It can work well to tell a story whether its through the business owner telling that story or an animated video explaining it all its a great way to get the message out there.  For many businesses its a marketing tool in its own right so show it in a video and use it as much as possible.

5. Thank Your Customers

Its a simple concept and probably not the most exciting video for business idea but just thanking your customers is a simple video that could go a long way.  Relatively easy to make and an ideal video for social media, a video like this could leave a warm and fuzzy feeling with all your customers.  Here’s a great example of how easy it can be.

[vc_video ratio=”16-9″ link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaugvn1JmMw”]

6. Show Your Production Process

If you have a funky product or an interesting production process then show how its made. A behind the scenes video is great for those nosey customers who want to know what you do and how you do it.  If its something really weird then it could go viral.  This video for cosmetics company, Lush shows how they make one of their shampoo products and it serves a dual purpose.  Firstly it shows customers with genuine interest how one of their products is made but it also validates one of the company’s key principles of business – that they use all natural products and this video shows that.

[vc_video ratio=”16-9″ link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCoyvPp1IQ8″]

7. Blog (or Vlog)

We all know the power of a blog to get your message out there (you’re reading this aren’t you!) but to bring it to life then you could try a video blog or vlog.  It serves a couple of purposes – puts you out there as a thought leader, allows you to comment on new developments almost instantaneously and gives you the opportunity to promote yourself as an expert in your field.

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8. User Generated Content

If all else fails you can always use someone else’s video as your own.  If you have enough stakeholders, customers, fans, followers and others out there you can ask them to send you video of them with your product.  This is great for two reasons – firstly it encourages engagement with your fans/customers and gets them to interact with you secondly you get all the video content you need provided free of charge!  Probably the best example of this is the now familiar advert bumpers on the X-Factor which shows fans of the show singing songs with quirky special effects uploaded via the talk talk app.

[vc_video ratio=”16-9″ link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TisgqqquW8″]

Video For Business

There are so many more ways to use video for business but these suggestions are an ideal way of getting started.  They are relatively simple but can be extremely effective in terms of communicating key messages, pushing traffic and enhancing websites and social media.  If you see anything you like here and want to find out more about marketing videos, promotional videos or more for your business then contact us on 0121 551 2079 or email us at info@cmavideo.co.uk