Birmingham’s National Sea Life Centre recently welcomed an additional influx of Gentoo penguins to it’s Penguin Ice Adventure feature at the centre in Brindley Place.  Two years after the original 12 penguins arrived in Birmingham, a further five birds from Calgary Zoo have been brought in under the centre’s Breed, Rescue, Protect programme.  A social media video strategy was employed by the Sea Life Centre and we were asked to help with the production.

social media video for Sea Life Centre                      social media video for Sea Life Centre

The Sea Life Centre sent over one of it’s staff members to document the journey from departing the UK to arriving in Canada, meeting the penguins and bringing them back safely to Birmingham.  He filmed parts of his journey with a GoPro camera showing a behind the scenes look at his experience and we have edited it, along with the footage that we filmed, into a social media video.

Created specifically as a social media video production, the piece is to be used on the centre’s YouTube and Facebook pages and is aimed at engaging with their customers to encourage traffic to the social media channels and the website as well as bringing people to the centre and the exhibit.

social media video for Sea Life Centre                social media video for Sea Life Centre


Social Media Video Work On The Increase

Our work is increasingly geared towards creating content for a specific channel meaning that the style, content and final production may vary depending on where it is intended to be used.  This social media video is specifically aimed at viewers who are fans or followers of the Birmingham centre and are interested in the back story of the penguin’s arrival.  To date it has received over 4000 views on Facebook proving to be a real hit for promoting the centre and emphsaising the Breed, Rescue and Protect message.

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