Marketing company, The Best of Solihull, commissioned CMA Video as its video partner to create marketing videos for its many clients across a variety of sectors in the Solihull area.  This particular project saw Indian restaurant, Panchuli, have a promotional restaurant video created for the company website to assist with their digital marketing.

Owner and head chef, Maz Rahman wanted a specific restaurant video to capture the atmosphere and feel of Panchuli with elements of the kitchen and food being prepared to the decor and style of the venue.  The filming required the CMA Video crew shooting on a busy Friday night at the restaurant and included a virtual walkthrough from the perspective of a customer entering the premises for the first time.

Restaurant video filming at Panchuli        Restaurant video filming at Panchuli

This restaurant video is another example of The Best of Solihull using video to promote their clients across their many digital channels including websites, social media and more.  The Panchuli restaurant video follows on from other Best of Solihull clients we have worked with including car repairs garage, Motor-Serv which can be seen here.

With The Best of Solihull promoting its clients through many different media, they have found that producing marketing videos is an ideal means of differentiating their clients from the competition and they have used the videos across all forms of social media as well as on websites and at exhibitions etc.  To find out more about The Best of Solihull, click here or if you are a marketing agency looking to add video to your portfolio of services contact us here.