The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) commissioned CMA Video to produce their marketing videos to promote the organisation to their two distinct target audiences.  Working with us in the planning stage of the project, the NAFD sought to devise a video aimed at bereaved families and the service guarantee that an NAFD member provides.  At the same time, the organisation also wanted a promotional tool aimed at attracting new members and as a result wanted funeral directors videos targeted towards the industry and funeral companies.

Each video needed a unique approach – the video aimed at the general public had to tackle a sensitive subject in the most appropriate way while the video aimed at recruiting funeral firms into the association needed to be presented in a manner suited to its target audience.  The end result for both ensured that the testimonials of the featured funeral directors reflected the mood of the video and the audience.

The video aimed at the public demonstrates how this medium is ideal for approaching sensitive subjects that may not necessarily be something that people are comfortable talking about (as can be further explored in our latest blog) and the funeral directors videos is pitched as a recruitment tool using testimonials from current members to convey the key messages and addressing some of the highlighted concerns from non members.

The biggest challenge for the National Association of Funeral Directors videos was to capture the right mood and feel for the videos.  It was felt that it was important to avoid some of the mistakes that had been seen on similar funeral directors videos and others within the marketplace.  We sat with the organisation at the planning stage to ensure that the correct key messages were being conveyed and the correct tone for both of the National Association of Funeral Directors videos would be created.

 Funeral Directors Videos