Twelve gentoo penguins finally arrived at Birmingham’s National Sea Life Centre and CMA Video were on hand with exclusive access to film the bird’s arrival.  After landing at Heathrow from Melbourne, the penguins were transported by truck to the National Sea Life Centre in Brindley Place in the middle of the night.

CMA Video have produced a number of video productions charting the progress of the new exhibit due to open in Birmingham at Easter and this was the culmination of the whole project.  The penguins soon settled into their new home and were swimming in the purpose built £2.5 million enclosure in no time at all.

The Sea Life Centre are looking for more than just a straight forward corporate video production to chart the whole Penguin Ice Adventure project and turned to CMA Video to produce creative videos that include a time lapse video demonstrating the construction of the penguin’s enclosure, the launch of the exhibit and a fun viral style video capturing the public walking like a penguin.