Project Description


To highlight the joint working operation that our long term clients, Valpak, have with Zedify – a bike delivery operator based in Cambridge.  The case study video was needed to demonstrate how Valpak work with external partners in the hope of attracting more external partners.


Website, social media, company intranet


As part of our ongoing, long term relationship with Valpak, we produced this case study video to demonstrate not only the success of the project but also to demonstrate how Valpak work with other companies to achieve their environmental based goals.  Filmed on location in Cambridge, the video followed the two companies as they demonstrated how they operated their battery recycling scheme at a Co-Op shop in the area.  The case study video was used on LinkedIn, the only real social media channel that the organisation use to attract a business audience to connect with them.  It was also used as a good news story to circulate around the organisation to show other departments the positive work that they are undertaking.