Project Description


Working in conjunction with Disney, our brief was to create an advert that promoted not only the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham but also the Disney film, Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo


Cinema advertising


This multi faceted project involved our video production team coming up with the concept for the advert for Sea Life Centre ensuring that the key features of the centre were captured along with a nod towards the characters of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.  In addition to the filming element at the centre we also had produce a 3D animated fish to float in the air for the end scene which was created in house by our editor.  Following on from our production element we then had to liaise with Disney to acquire clips from the Finding Dory movie and incorporate them into the final cinema advert.

Once the actual cinema advert had been completed we then had to manage the process of delivery of the advert working with the advertising agency, the BBFC in order to get a cinema rating, and the submissions organisation to submit the advert for transmission.  We project managed the entire process for the client and the advert aired across the UK during the school holidays in the build up to Finding Dory being released at cinemas.