Project Description


To create an animated video that demonstrates and explains the benefits of the Gamma Horizon software product.


Sales agents, email campaign


Our ongoing work with London based Gamma saw us create this animated video amongst a series of animated video content to promote the benefits of their Horizon software.  An animation video was deemed to be the best way to get across the benefits of the product in a user friendly way and allowing for screen shots of the product being incorporated into the final marketing video.  Our production team worked with the Gamma marketing team to devise the look and feel of the animation so that it reflected the Gamma brand – this included everything from the colours to the characters and the animation style.  We also sourced the voice over artist after the script had been approved and liaised with the artist to record and then place the audio into the video.

Rather than using the video as a general video for everyone to see, it was used by sales agents from Gamma to directly talk to their prospects and also was embedded into sales emails in a targeted email campaign.