Our production team took on a short talking head videos project to assist a company looking to create a series of training videos.  The videos involve a simple set up of a presenter talking directly to camera delivering training and instructional content designed for viewers to learn about a variety of subjects.

The talking head videos are designed to be distributed to customers and stakeholders by the client to give ongoing talking head videos with autocueadvice and support and require a lot of information to be provided b the presenter.  This is where there was an issue because the presenter had been brought in by the client to deliver the video content but he was not familiar with the actual content meaning that he had to learn and remember the script for each video.  However we set up an autocue system for the presenter so that he could deliver the presentations without having to learn every piece of information.

The autocue allowed for all of the scripts for all of the videos to be uploaded and scrolled through as the presenter delivered his presentation.  The positioning of the screen was as important as the script that was shown on the screen as we needed to ensure that the eyeline of the presenter was as natural and in line with the camera lens as possible.  This would then allow for the presenter to still be looking into the camera and his eyes not moving elsewhere.

While this was a relatively simple job with an autocue requirement, it still needed to be set up in the correct way in order that the final edit would still be delivered in the most natural way.  The client hadn’t taken this into account but our production team were on hand from the planning stage to ensure that the most professional delivery of the talking head videos was possible.