video for instagramOur social media service, in conjunction with Sid Social – DISRUPTED, has been working on a promotional video for Instagram project with home builder Court.  Our production crew embarked on a film shoot across Birmingham to produce predominantly a video for Instagram, but along with other social media channels too, that promotes the new housing developments that Court has built.

The shoot has taken in some of the sights of Birmingham along with filming in the show homes of the developments to sell not just the homes but the lifestyle of city centre living in Birmingham.  Predominantly aimed at the youth market and people looking to get on the property ladder, Court has identified Instagram and specifically Instagram Stories as their best marketing channel.  The videos have all been shot with the 9:16 or vertical video ratio in mind so that they will present well in the Stories format.  In addition the format also appears on Facebook, SnapChat and YouTube which Court may also look to use the finished videos on. Instagram has however been selected as their primary choice to show the videos and our team has assisted in coming up with a suitable and effective strategy.

video for instagram

The video for Instagram will be targeted at appealing to the target market and intends to show the culture, attractions and excitement of city living.  From that the features of the Court properties will also be highlighted with an intended objective of generating enquiries  and ultimately sales of the properties.

Our social media video marketing service in collaboration with Sid Social has now worked with several organisations in creating a targeted video campaign.  Creating a video for Instagram is just one element as we look at the target audience, marketing messages and desired outcomes to ascertain which social media channel is the best.  For more information about our social media video service, DISRUPTED, contact us 0121 260 6502 or