women in tech social media campaignAs part of our role as digital media partner for the Women In Tech Awards, we worked with the organisers to create a social media campaign ahead of the event on the 4th of October.  We filmed the nominees and finalists for all of the awards on the judging day and from the all of the soundbites we created two videos for a social media campaign celebrating the awards themselves, the finalists and the overall role of women in tech in the Birmingham area.

The social media campaign focused on Twitter where more than one and a half thousand people have viewed the video.  The video is all about finding out what it would mean to win the award for the nominees and emphasising the talent in the sector that Birmingham and the West Midlands has to offer.

With the event taking place at Innovation Birmingham, it is already a complete sell out with a dinner and entertainment ensuring that it will be a night to remember.  There will also be a special tribute to Mary Berners-Lee, the mother of Sir Tim Berners-Lee – the founder of the world wide web.  Mary grew up in Birmingham and is widely regarded as a pioneer of women in the technology sector.  Our production team have also created a video based around the key points in her life here in Birmingham and her first involvement with technology.  We worked with Debbie Assinder recently to record the voice over for the video in preparation for the event.