retail video So far in 2018, it’s been a grim year for the high street and in fact Christmas 2017 saw a tough period for bricks and mortar retailers too.  In the last couple of weeks Toys R Us has announced that it is going into administration along with electronics company, Maplin. In addition Carpetright, fashion chain New Look and restaurant chain Prezzo are also preparing for the worst.


There are a number of factors that have contributed to the problems that maplin retail videothese chains are facing but its important to look at what can be learnt.  In the case of Toys R Us, the company has suffered from everything ranging from the geography of their stores (they are generally in out of town locations), a shift of customer’s user habits (a move towards online purchasing and online products) and a lack of imagination at a store which is essentially aimed at children.

The other stores all seem to have suffered from similar issues and on the whole its about getting people to walk through the door.  So what can we learn from this?  It doesn’t matter how big your retail business is, there is something that any bricks and mortar business can do.  If buyer habits are moving to online research, online purchasing and online browsing then why not embrace this rather than resist it.  If you’re a restaurant that requires diners to physically sit down at the restaurant, you can still increase your online marketing and digital presence to generate footfall.  Combining online and offline activity in a digital marketing plan can generate the required results, it just needs some careful planning and a strong call to action that dictates what you want your audience to do.

retail videoWith this in mind, we have devised our retail video offer.  Aimed specifically at bricks and mortar retail establishments, it is designed to be a simple step for retail businesses to get a presence online and begin their digital marketing journey.


CMA Video’s Marketing Director Adam Snelleksz said:

“We have tried to work on an affordable, practical retail video package that will help traditional bricks and mortar establishments compete more in the digital marketplace.  It’s not about taking the business purely online but more about giving that digital presence that can then push awareness and footfall back to customers physically visiting retailers.”

“Online is a first port of call for many consumers when researching their next purchase and a video can be a really influential marketing asset to help with that research.  We think that the price point is ideal for independent retailers to get themselves onto the video marketing ladder and start to see how a retail video and online marketing can benefit them.”

The cost for this service is £500 plus VAT, a price point it is hoped will be affordable for independent retailers.  CMA Video has worked with retailers and businesses across a broad range of sectors and from this, the production team has developed a video formula that will help business owners present their business in the most effective way on video.  The production process is designed to ensure the minimum amount of disruption is required when the retail video is being filmed and delivery of the final video is aimed to be as quickly as possible.  Once the retail video has been completed it will be delivered to the business in a format that is ready to upload to any social media channels as well as being hosted on YouTube.

We’ve already been working with retailers who are looking to get their business online to increase their digital marketing.  The cross section of businesses is extremely varied from a beauty salon to a garden centre but all recognise the need for something to drive online activity into people through the door.  If you’re in this sector and are looking to get a retail video to boost your digital marketing, contact us now to find out we can make an effective video for your business.